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MRL - Passenger Elevators

Euro manufactures all types of Passenger Elevators including, Power Operated Doors, Panoramic Elevators and Manual Doors. All Elevators are manufactured keeping in mind the comfort Safety and Speed.

Our Passenger Elevators, distributed in various series, fit the requirements of each and every type of building including premium housing as well as affordable housing.

In our passenger Elevators we have given special attention to the aesthetics and you may chose from various types of buttons, interiors and many more things to give you the right feel in the elevator.

Euro Elevators series meets high traffic demands and offers maximum functionality. We offer passenger safety and comfortable rides. Our elevators can be customized to accommodate a wheelchair with an attendant.

Our elevator sizes starts from 1000 mm X 750 mm to 2400 MM X 3050 MM with a Load bearing capacity of 272 kilograms to 3000 Kilograms.

Euro provides these lifts to our clients with various technical features:

  • Alarm Button in lift
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Car Call Cancellation at Terminal Stop
  • Attendant
  • Automatic Rescue Device
  • Direction Arrow and Position Indicator on all Stops
  • Home Landing
  • Phase Failure and Phase Reversal Protection
  • Repeated Door Closing in the event of Lock Failure
  • Door Protection by Light Beams (2 Beams)
  • Door Protection by Light Curtain
  • Intercom Car to Machine Room
  • Overload Indicator
  • Compulsory Stop
  • Direction Pre-announcing with Arrival Going
  • Opposite Door Operation

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