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Moving Walks

Euro Escalator moving walks have been designed to facilitate movement of people along long distances with maximum comfort and safety, either with or without shopping or luggage trolleys.

A full range of optional design features like glass balustrades in different shades, choice of handrail colors, various deckings, a variety of lighting options, as well as aluminum or stainless steel floor covers adapt to any individual need. The moving walk becomes an optically integrated part of any building situation.

Our moving ramps and walkways can be integrated into airports, metro stations, and other urban environments in an optimal manner, in order to allow improved traffic management and increased comfort for users.


  • Ribbed aluminum floor covers
  • Glass balustrades enhance styling
  • Opaque panels are available in a variety of finishes
  • Rubber belt or pallet type conveyors are available
  • Digital diagnostic panel displays moving walk functions and safety device status to expedite troubleshooting and minimize downtime.

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